Real-time SAR simulation



Real-time SAR simulation using GPUs

Using the more and more powerful and flexible graphics processing units (GPU), it is possible to visualize SAR effects in real time. For training and education real time visualization is crucial. With faster visualizations, different sensor properties or scenarios can be visualized interactively. The students can not just see the result, they can experience SAR.
Radar images differ in many ways from images acquired by passive sensor systems. The imaging geometry of a SAR system is different in azimuth and range directions. In range direction the placement of objects depends on the distance between objects and sensor. In azimuth, the geometry is based on the Doppler Effect. Different approaches to computer graphics used in a variety of computer games are adapted to realize visualization of SAR data in real time. These approaches, however, must be modified in order to use them for SAR geometry and radiometry. By further modifying these approaches, complex scenes, bi-static missions, or effects of moving objects can be visualized.